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When I write my poetry it comes often from a place of longing

When I write my poetry it comes often from a place of longing. My book, Sex and God, really brought this to light for me. When I steped back from those two subject matters (and the spaces where they overlap) I realised that what drives my need to create is a deep longing for connection.
Perhaps it is the ultimate wounding. The severing from the mother, the womb, the expulsion out and the cutting away from the cord of life and connection, that leaves us with this insatiable desire to find connection...or perhaps that is just our fate. To be consistently hungering to feel united with something... Other humans, a lover, a concept, God, art, music, substances or anything else. .
When I approach my performance and my public speaking it is this truth which I hold on to. No matter how afraid I feel, how seperate from the audience or their demographic... I know that the ultimate thing we all hunger for is connection. If I can offer that, then I have done my work.
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Yoram Symons
03-05-2018, 01:09:11
That's really powerfully put. Although i do hate to think that birth is intrinsically wounding.... maybe thats what they meant by original sin...
Linda Blatt
03-05-2018, 01:09:11
U do this sooo very well x
Pam Riley
03-05-2018, 01:09:11
Finally I see my feelings in words. Although much calmer as I have aged I remember the longing to connect and still feel it from time to time. ?❤❤
Raquel Merlot
03-05-2018, 01:09:11
so interesting, and something I think about alot but don't really voice.x

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