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TRUTH:, Woman,, You have been lied to, Again and again, About your beautiful body,, About the immense power, That lies within you

You have been lied to
Again and again
About your beautiful body,
About the immense power
That lies within you.
No matter what they told you,
You need to know that
Your sexuaIity is not shameful
Or dirty
Or sinful
Or disgusting in any way.
In fact,
It is the very force that created us all.
Your body is beautiful
Not when you lose 5kg
Or 15kg (heaven forbid!)
Or when you're wearing the 'right' designer clothes,
Or with the 'right' make up on,
Or in the 'right' lighting,
If you take a selfie with the 'right' angle.
It's 'right', right now.
There's nothing you need to be
Or do
Or have
In order to be good enough,
To be worthy of love
(Your own or someone else's).
Your body has innate capacity
For unimaginable pleasure
Untold joy and bliss.
Even you.
Even YOUR body.
Exactly as it is.
Right now.
Can I get an Amen?
PS. I'm enjoying instagram a lot more these days - Facebook is getting too prudey and blocky for my liking.
I'll still be posting here sometimes (and on my Bonnie Bliss page), but you'll find me more regularly enjoying the visual world of not quite as many words over on Instagram. Yes, I know the 'gram is owned by Facebook, so therefore also stuck in the dark ages in terms of women's bodies and s-e-x however it just seems a bit more open and relaxed so far.
If you're a fan of the 'gram, come play with me over there: www.instagram.com/bonniebliss.co
31 Comment:
Phoebe Milenkovic
04-01-2018, 11:49:41
So needed to hear this thank you Bonnie Bliss
Bonnie Bliss
Bonnie Bliss
04-01-2018, 11:50:08
Naww thanks Phoebe! <3
Zora Arthur
04-01-2018, 11:53:36
Really feeling this at the moment, many years of negative reinforcement rearing its head Lots of tears and releasing over the last 2 days ❤️
Karen Mudford
04-01-2018, 11:55:23
Love that photo ❤
Anastasha Grace Deyour
04-01-2018, 11:55:47
Lani Neilson
04-01-2018, 12:00:33
Amen and Awomen!!..:-)
Pam O'Mahony
04-01-2018, 12:34:24
Deborah Nestola
04-01-2018, 12:44:07
This keeps coming up for me. I really don’t know the magic potion for “loving myself more” I think I need to just keep repeating I love you , every time I hear my head say, you’re fat, you’re ugly, etc etc. This voice has been with me for a long time
Bonnie Bliss
Bonnie Bliss
04-01-2018, 12:49:46
I hear you Deborah. For me it's about embodying it, more than saying it to myself. If I FEEL love for myself as I touch my body, or move my body, it seems to stick better. <3
Kiki Lychee Hawaii
04-01-2018, 12:46:11
Beautiful goddess Bonnie Bliss
Solar Jarvis
04-01-2018, 13:28:47
You are inspiring!
Sumangala Dasi
04-01-2018, 13:54:26
Lauren Tober
04-01-2018, 13:57:14
Brigid Mary Prain
04-01-2018, 14:06:42
Awomen :) <3
Dora Tturgay
04-01-2018, 14:07:18
Marcela Widrig
04-01-2018, 14:10:47
Zahlya Manjari
04-01-2018, 14:24:26
You inspire the shit out of me
Nicola Henderson
04-01-2018, 14:33:53
Karin Lucia Gisler
04-01-2018, 15:10:56
Ayiesha Alizai Sadik
04-01-2018, 15:26:56
Sebastien Daka
04-01-2018, 17:26:51
Many Amen! And so much love ❤
Josie Doolan
05-01-2018, 04:42:16
yeh girl! had words with a father on the beach yesterday, he was piggy backing his adorable, very healthy looking 5 year old daughter, actuallyshe looked like she could be in a kids clothing catalogue she was so cute and "perfect" and her dad put her d...

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