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This is one of my favourite TED talks

This is one of my favourite TED talks.
...why? Because it is funny, insightful and so in line with the work I do. What I love about what Sarah does is that I don't ever feel like she is "impersonating" anyone... Every character feels like her. It's another part of her.
To the point where I actually struggle to know which voice is HER voice... Because they are all her.
I feel we are often told we have to be one thing, one person, one story. Its bullshit. We are made of everyone who we have ever met and more. Built on their influence mixed with our own personality and spirit. We are made of every experience we have ever had. That exists within us.
I really believe that we have the capacity to tap into our sides, our selves, and use them to gain more insight into who we are.
And also use them to tell captivating and empowered stories.
In just over a week I am embarking on VERSE2 which is the level two version of SpeakUP. In this program we focus on Character and World Building. How to captivate an audience using these tools whilst retaining our authenticity and honesty.
Do you want to stand out with your performance and speaking?
Usually I only make this program available to people who have done SpeakUp but this round I am considering opening it up to general public.
If you are interested to hear more about Verse2 then reply with TELL ME more and I will be in contact. I only run this program once a year.
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Koogie Smith
08-03-2018, 19:20:07
Really enjoyed watching this talk. She is very generous. Xxx

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