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This Episode is the true beginnings of the Slaughters that The Queens Court renders to the celebs! Khia spares NO ONE in this episode and Ts Madison...

This Episode is the true beginnings of the Slaughters that The Queens Court renders to the celebs! Khia spares NO ONE in this episode and Ts Madison always comes with the voice of Reason but to no avail the guillotine still comes down and heads roll the entire show!!! NEVER MISS A EPISODE! You’ll never forgive yourself.
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Quinton Green
05-01-2018, 22:56:48
Y'all always trying to split them up! STOP! Some of y'all still fucking the same no good baby daddy or dude your friends and momma told you to leave because he draining your bank account and stressing you out but you still there. Worry about splitting that up not Queens court! Let Maddie and Khia be great and make their money. Stop planting seeds of Division when they got something good going on that is building.
Wanda Climons
05-01-2018, 22:15:51
I rather it just be you ok she's taking over ur fame
Sadonia Mclean
Sadonia Mclean
05-01-2018, 22:40:53
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this
Ty Williams
Ty Williams
05-01-2018, 23:23:20
You two are just drama. Stfu
Rocquez Savage Fluellen
Rocquez Savage Fluellen
05-01-2018, 23:25:14
people get blessed by sharing what they have with others. . . we can all win together . . no need for anyone to be selfish about "fame" . . so much else out here to go get
August Caspian
August Caspian
05-01-2018, 23:28:14
Khia makes the show even better! The two of them are taking over the world!
August Caspian
August Caspian
05-01-2018, 23:28:51
There will ALWAYS be negative people and Haters!!! #thatpart
Rashad Stallings
Rashad Stallings
05-01-2018, 23:55:06
So damn negative.
Danyale Lise
Danyale Lise
06-01-2018, 00:09:26
Some of y’all can’t help but put a negative twist on a good thing. I think the two of them have their own fan base that they bring to the table ‍♀️. Why don’t you start doing lives by yourself so you can speak to your 2 viewers
Carlos Effie Curiel
05-01-2018, 18:46:59
Rah and Sky need to be on the docket as they had to act up at Sean Puffy P. DIDDY Ciroc COMBS Nye party lol
Roc Smith
Roc Smith
05-01-2018, 21:37:26
Sky had no parts in that foolery tho, she was sucker punched
Nicky Alana
Nicky Alana
05-01-2018, 21:38:32
Sky didn’t do anything she was attacked
Yolanda Dumas
Yolanda Dumas
05-01-2018, 23:49:23
Yes yes yes
Danyale Lise
Danyale Lise
06-01-2018, 00:11:10
What happened?
Denisha Irreplaceable Hill
05-01-2018, 18:01:48
Carlos Effie Curiel
Carlos Effie Curiel
05-01-2018, 18:45:25
Right!! I already watched this one lol
Eartis Wright
05-01-2018, 18:15:30
I'm so dam ready to hear some tea...y'all need to address Ms.Kandi egg McMuffin head ass
Kattie Mae Harden
05-01-2018, 17:57:14
every man wants a woman who can cook him up a good meal.
Natorrie Lee
05-01-2018, 20:42:48
TS Madison Hinton I love you so much stay blessed sister your work ethic is crazy been following you since the beginning I hope I get to meet you one day all the way from North Carolina much love a true #MaddieMobFan
Tosha Monique
05-01-2018, 17:58:03
I'm about to call my damn daddy....... I'm ready
Sagittarius King
05-01-2018, 18:12:27
This show Finna be so good, it’s gonna even wake the dead up I can’t wait
Barb York
05-01-2018, 17:57:43
Khia going Straight for The jugular lol Luv it'!
Danelle Birton
05-01-2018, 18:13:56
I can’t wait. I know they gonna roast Candy’s ass
CutThroat Keish
05-01-2018, 22:35:26
"Every man wants a woman" in Khia deep Kandi vc #NEXT CASSSSSEEEEEEEE #SOUR PUSSSSSS
Shaquala Taylor
05-01-2018, 18:21:24
Time to roast and sentence those heaux...
Sadonia Mclean
05-01-2018, 22:40:02
You can do a show for dolo leave khia alone she's on for a whole different reason.
Tiffany Can'tDeal Murray
05-01-2018, 18:05:52
I Love you ladies nothing but true #QUEENSCOURT ❤❤❤
Elle Coleman
05-01-2018, 22:57:17
Madi when u gonna do another make up video ...?? Boo the last one helped me with my eye shadow ?
Bryan Hunter
05-01-2018, 19:51:13
Yes! You will never forgive yourself for missing an episode!! I race home! <3
Susan Anita Carrillo
05-01-2018, 22:08:45
I am anxiously awaiting the live #QueensCourt and Podcast! Read,Shade and ROAST...#laydemheauxout
Jaye Tyre
05-01-2018, 17:56:20
Keep it going ladies ! I am as of recent a True believer in the Court ! Reaaaad !
Lisa Jenkins
05-01-2018, 18:34:11
Monday won't get here fast enough....

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