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OMG WOW... PLEASURE might start to be taught in schools!!
(at least there is talk of it, which is a bonus!) What a revelation!
Obviously it should have been happening always, but instead current 'sex ed' focuses almost entirely on how not to get pregnant and how not to get diseases... neither of which in my opinion are even SEX EDUCATION.
Sex education is education about SEX itself. Not the teen pregnancies that CAN happen as a result of it. Not the diseases you can get if you're not careful. (those are important, but with all due respect, not actually about sex, just potential side effects of some kinds of sex)
True sex education would be about intimacy... Connection with another person. Touch. Exploration of each others bodies. Pleasure. Orgasm. Relationships. Consent. Honesty. Boundaries. Communication. Anatomy of arousal. Genitals and how they work and how we can touch them to feel nice things.
And the screwed up thing is that we think we're 'protecting' our kids by not telling them sex can be pleasureable!! When we KNOW that the average age kids are exposed to porn is 9-11.
Yes your kids will see all kinds of porn before they hit puberty, whether you like it or not. So makes sense we give them a more expansive picture of what sex, relating and intimacy can be, right?
Thanks Jaida for the share!
As a sex educator for adults with the Yoniverse, we're committed to bring adults the real sex ed we didn't get in school. People OFTEN say at workshops how they wish they'd known this in school 20 years ago... and how different their lives would have looked if that had happened!
New dates up on our website for the next few months -
www.theyoniverse.com for details <3
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Jiveny Blair-West
03-01-2018, 11:29:09
This is great news!
Raja Tamaran
03-01-2018, 12:15:57
OZ will become sensual Utopia !
Karin Lucia Gisler
04-01-2018, 15:27:33
Things are changing and schools opening up to new programs of "real education". I just recently held my first circle for year 5&6 girls about menstruation and cycle literacy. And there is more to come next year, hopefully being able to include the boys too. The principle was very open and supportive and I realised that it is up to us to approach schools and present offers.

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