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Now THIS is an interesting line of thought

Now THIS is an interesting line of thought. Perhaps it wasn't just tRump that benefited from Russian trolls. Perhaps all of the "competitive" Republican seats in that election benefited and that Roger Stone was the one driving the car?
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RC McKee
29-12-2017, 12:09:32
I'd say it's a safe bet that most if not all Republican officeholders benefited. If the object was takeover, why only target a handful of systems when they probably all have many or most of the same holes?
Sander Feinberg
29-12-2017, 13:49:19
They are frightened their puppet president will be forced out. I truly hope the Dems get their act together and take back Congress. If not these thugs will be emboldened further.
Roland Roy
Roland Roy
30-12-2017, 15:15:04
I'm not sure Trump is a puppet like GWB was. More of a loose cannon that they think they can control long enough to disrupt and divert while they steal the farm. And if their plan goes wrong, he will take the blame.
RC McKee
RC McKee
31-12-2017, 00:27:15
He doesn't read like a guy who'd be a good puppet. Too much ego, too little discipline or impulse control. He'd wind up at a meeting somewhere bragging about how high up HIS handlers were. "I take my orders from the guy at the top. NOBODY ELSE tells ME what to do."
Roland Roy
30-12-2017, 12:33:15
I don't believe there is any 'perhaps' about it. If they can take the WH, and both houses of congress, they are bound to benefit if not by collusion, then by inclusion.

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