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Mistakes and setbacks are a part of life

Mistakes and setbacks are a part of life.
Sometimes we can look at our external world and think ...
"What do i have to show for the work I've put in?"
And we can even believe that we've gone backwards, from when we started.
We might feel deep sadness, grief, regret, anger, frustration, disappointment... It's normal. It hurts. And it's ok.
And it all must be felt, and journeyed, and released.
Through this, we find the path forward...
Often we will have our deepest insecurities and wounds triggered and exposed.
And this is an opportunity to heal and let go of more than the recent past...
Here, we can begin to see the patterns in our lives
And we can begin to notice the flaws and blindspots
And we can begin to wonder ... where were we clinging on? What didn't I let go of? Or what hole was I looking to fill?
We can feel and heal and integrate these parts of us ...
Through being with the hurt, the pain, any of the emotion... we can trace our way back to the deepest parts of us where we carry a wound... or our deepest fears
Our not feeling worthy
Our not feeling good enough
Our not feeling lovable
Our lack of belonging
A lot of the world is about pushing, and doing, and accumulating, and clinging, and filling, and all out there.
Take time to feel. and to really allow and surrender to this.
When we feel, we heal.
And through the feeling, we can find wisdom.
The wisdom to feel and know that our purpose in life could be to become truly and wholly ourselves.
The wisdom to feel and know that as we move towards this, our experience will be more peaceful, more content, more joyful, more loving.
The wisdom to realise that whilst our external worlds do matter, it's our internal journeys that matter most... as we integrate the lost parts, and let go of what is not truly us.
And therefore, that our mistakes, setbacks and challenges are sometimes what we need to become whole.
Being wise is how quickly we get to the point at which we can be grateful for all of what happens, because we see the bigger picture.
And ... until then... wisdom could be acknowledging that what you're going through just.fucking.sucks.
With love <3

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