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IS IT TIME TO ENLIVEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP? <3, Relationships can be so mind-blowingly incredible, right?, When things are going well in our...

Relationships can be so mind-blowingly incredible, right?
When things are going well in our relationship we feel full of energy. We feel truly loved, understood and appreciated.
We’re savouring ever-deepening layers of delicious intimacy, orgasmic pleasure and epic sex that bring us a sense of aliveness and immense satisfaction in all areas of our lives.
We’re amazed and grateful that we somehow managed to score the best person in the world to be in relationship with.
We’re basically living on a f**king cloud of bliss and it’s amazing.
Yummm… who doesn’t want that all the time!?
Often it’s just not that simple though, is it?
We tell ourselves that the magical-cloud-life can’t last. We’ve got work / kids / financial stress / health issues / stuff to do / businesses to run. We’re tired, exhausted even. Life is demanding.
And as we all know, relationships are not exactly sunsets and rainbows all the time
(kinda different to the movies, right?)
They can also be damn challenging sometimes. Painful. Stressful. Even confusing.
We can slip into patterns of relating where we don’t always see the best in each other and over time things become a bit less, ummm….juicy… than they were at the start.
Even when there’s so much love there, sometimes things in the sex and intimacy department can easily get a bit flat, or routine (or even non-existent!).
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