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IS 2018 THE YEAR TO FINALLY MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR YONI? (SPOILER ALERT - THE ANSWER IS YES!), I know, as well as anyone, how easy it is to disconnect

I know, as well as anyone, how easy it is to disconnect.
To numb out. To avoid feeling. To suppress my sexuality.
To pretend that everything is ok when... honestly?
Everything is SO NOT OK.
Rather than working out what to do with that giant-scary-monster... it SEEMS somehow easier to just put it in the 'too hard' basket and close the lid. You know that basket right?
Then we just get on with it.
We focus on other areas of life.
Because well... work is kinda going well.
And then there's all the family stuff that needs your attention. Social life. Projects. Relationships.
So much other stuff to do, right?
Sexuality is frivolous anyway, isn't it? ;-)
Why would you spend time and money and energy on that when there's so much other IMPORTANT stuff to focus on?
Well... because when we create space for the things we avoid, deny or suppress, we create space for EVERYTHING ELSE we want in our lives.
We stop spending our energy on avoiding and start LIVING more fully.
And the other thing that's maybe-sorta-kinda important to mention here is that sexuality is the force that creates life. So it's ACTUALLY quite powerful.
(The mumma's here will know EXACTLY what I'm tallking about - if you've ever had a HUMAN come out of your body, you're VERY knowledgeable about the power of sexual energy!)
And when we're in healthy and abundant contact with that force (in our own unique way - with or without a partner) we actually feel more fulfilled generally, more relaxed in our bodies, more at home within ourselves, more connected to our bodies (and therefore more likely to treat them well) and more connected to other people we love. We feel more ALIVE, more powerful, more of who we are. Life itself becomes a pleasureable experience, even in the daily life. More flow and ease with everything.
Along with that comes less stress, less drama, less superficial pleasure, less bullshit and less numbing out, distracting and avoiding.
And WAY MORE actually focusing on
So where are you at with this whole sexuality thing?
Your libido has gone missing like MONTHS ago and you're not THAT interested in finding it. Sex just doesn't feel interested or exciting anymore. It's lost it's original shiny sparkle and you couldn't care less. Meh. Cuddling is nice. Netflix and actual chill is your favourite thing lately.
You're having sex, but just because you feel like you 'should'. You're doing out of a sense of duty to your partner. I mean, you can't just let your partner masturbate next to you, right? When you're having sex, it kinda feels . nice, but on some level you're secretly waiting for it to be over, thinking of what you have to get done tomorrow, and grateful you won't have to do it again for another few days.
You love the intimacy of sex, but you don't actually FEEL much internally. You're kinda numb. I mean, you do have pleasure sometimes (usually from clit stimulation - maybe with a vibrator) but it's not that satisfying.... and you're pretty sure there's something else out there, but you're not sure HOW to access it, what exactly IT even is, or how it fits in YOUR LIFE.
If any of this feels remotely familiar...
This is where I come in.
I'm kind of like Your Vaglna's Fairy Godmother.
(I just made that up, do you like it?)
I've got all the tools and techniques and processes to support you to resuscitate your Yoni, bring her back to life, help you create a CONNECTION with your sexuality, love your body and create a 2018 filled with pleasure and mind-blowing 0rgasms beyond your wildest dreams.
(only if you want that of course - it's not for everyone!)
I do this through 1:1 coaching from ANYWHERE in the world, as well as my unique month long 'Yoni Mapping Journey' - a whole journey of discovery, a combination of coaching and super gentle and relaxing 'Yoni Mapping Therapy' bodywork to kickstart your year and make it a year of the most epic intimacy and sex (whether that's with yourself or someone else!)
I have limited spaces for the Yoni Mapping Journey in the next few months, then I'll be closing my books for bodywork for a while, as I focus on other projects.
January is filling quickly, but there are still 3 spots left.
In February I'm getting married so I'm off most of the month, but there are 4 spots available.
FOR MELBOURNE - I've got 4 spots in March, that lots of women are interested in - they'll be gone by end of January! These will be my ONLY Melbourne sessions this year.
FOR SYDNEY - I've got 4 spots in April - same as above - jump in soon before they go. These will be my ONLY Sydney sessions this year.
I'm offering free 15 minute chats with me to work out if this could be a good thing for you - (and also so you can connect with me and work out if you trust me with your most intimate area!)
Curious? Of course you are... ;-)
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