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I really enjoyed this article

I really enjoyed this article.
I can see how the same points apply to so many different issues too, for example the whataboutery people experience when talking about blacklivesmatter. I have personally experienced a LOT of it talking about women's issues or when I mention I run women's spoken word spaces... "what about running a men's one?" and one of my ex's would pretty much reply as standard to any point I made about domestic abuse in women with statistics of male suicide (often insinuating that's it because of emotional abuse from women too) ... Which is an important topic to look at but COMPLETELY derailing to any initial point trying to be made/raised or discussed.
It's frustrating and doesn't help anyone.
If you have an issue to talk about, great... Talk about it! On your own time or own platform or when space is opened up for your voice. Don't talk over or derail another person statement or reply to their statements instantly with your own issues.
The point of most if this stuff is people want to feel HEARD and replying with your own issues doesn't leave people feeling heard...it often leaves them feeling the total opposite....and it also means they are very unlikely to hear you either.
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Paul Monteith
07-01-2018, 08:25:36
Phillip Schmidt
09-01-2018, 03:39:56
Yeah men

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