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I just hit "publish" on the hardest blog post I pray that I will ever have to write

I just hit "publish" on the hardest blog post I pray that I will ever have to write.
If you've been following our life the last two weeks, you know that we're going through one of the saddest experiences any parent could face. Today, tears streamed down my cheeks as they rubbed the little probe over my belly and we saw that once again, our sweet baby boy has had another hard week. His condition has worsened and it's getting harder and harder to see him wiggle around on a screen all the while knowing that we'll more than likely never get to see him wiggle around outside of me.
This isn't the story that we wanted... but it's a story worth sharing. We're broken but we're still blessed in the midst of this pain. We're struggling but yet by the grace of God we still have strength. This baby's life is not a story that will never be told and today marks the beginning of the world getting to know our little guy. His life matters and I wanted to write a letter to him and publicly proclaim our love for him while he still has a heartbeat inside of me.
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Jennifer Baumann
31-03-2018, 01:46:10
Chris Ball
31-03-2018, 01:46:10
I'm so sorry my friend.
Sandra Synan Beazley
31-03-2018, 01:46:10
Audra Lynne Rygh
31-03-2018, 01:46:10
Oh Katelyn, I’m a blubbering mess. Praying for you all.

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