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How are your CLITERACY levels? Are you CLITERATE? , This is a great mainstream project about the awesomeness of the clitoris - through HuffPost

How are your CLITERACY levels? Are you CLITERATE?
This is a great mainstream project about the awesomeness of the clitoris - through HuffPost.
For me there's a few layers of response when I see things like this.
1. Yay for more vaglna stuff becoming more accessible in the mainstream!
2. Yay for high quality content that is beautiful and well produced and impeccably researched about said vaglna stuff!
3. Argh I'd love for it to not ALL be about the clitoris though, as there are soooo many other areas that are related to pleasure that we don't actually discover if we're all clit-centric.
4. Omg seriously - that old fact again?!?
"As many as three quarters of women can’t orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. In fact, just eight percent of women can reliably orgasm this way, studies estimate."
I get the research.
I get that there was a STUDY where women were asked how they orgasm and roughly 75% of them said they didn't orgasm through penetration. Which is likely to be fact.
Yes. That's all clear.
What DOESN'T make sense to me is the logic behind it.
"So boss, the results of the survey are in. 75% of female respondants said they do not currently experience orgasm during penetration."
"Right, then let's tell them all it's NOT POSSIBLE and most women CAN'T orgasm during penetration and that most women NEED direct clitoral stimulation to 'reach' orgasm."
THIS is in fact one of the greatest myths perpetuated by so-called modern research.
Based on spending thousands upon thousands of hours literally INSIDE the vagina - as well as working with thousands of women 1:1 in talk therapy and coaching focused on pelvic wellness, pleasure, orgasm etc... (not even factoring in the amount of time I've likely spent in orgasmic bliss over the years)
Here's what I have to say:
Accessing many varied kinds of orgasm is NOT a special thing reserved for a small percentage of the population.
If you don't currently experience it, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. It just means you haven't fully learned that skill yet / explored the fullness of what's possible.
It's actually GOOD NEWS. It's exciting!
New adventures await.... if you're into epic pleasure, that is.
So I've started an awesome club for women with vaginas to learn more about this stuff... to share together and to get to know our WHOLE amazing pelvic space... YONI CLUB!
Join us here:

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