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Have you ever noticed when you want to buy

Have you ever noticed when you want to buy, for example, that certain make of car, you start to see it everywhere? ?
When you decide something, you see more of it ??
The images in your mind, backed by high vibrational energy in your heart, which is then expanded into the the empty space around us - that's what puts order into the universe ??
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Luke Petersen
02-05-2018, 22:12:09
Its more about perspective tbh. The cars were always there, you just didn't take notice.
Pat Farren
02-05-2018, 22:12:09
I want love, peace, understanding, compassion, and empathy. This is what feeds my soul and spirit, and gives me ultimate power.
Julia Volpe
02-05-2018, 22:12:09
Hmmm... Yes true true.... What a great reminder..
Michael Rekow
02-05-2018, 22:12:09
The RAS in the brain pulls out of reality whatever that is ! exactly what you are looking for this is why it becomes aware of certain things it wasn't prior to focusing on them . Brilliant design !!Looks like magic or miracles to the subjective self ?

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