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"For decades, U

"For decades, U.S. taxpayers have been forced to pay billions upon billions of dollars for the bullets and bombs used by Israel to slaughter Palestinians on land it illegally occupies in violation of international law. It's good to see there are those with the courage to tell Israel, Trump, and Netanyahu to shove it by boycotting, divesting, or refusing to perform in Israel. These include schools such as George Washington University which just voted to divest from Israel; religious organizations like the United Methodist and Presbyterian Churches; academics including the late Steven Hawking; and entertainers such as Israeli-born Natalie Portman who is refusing to travel to Israel to receive the country's equivalent of the Nobel prize along with $2 million in prize money." ~ James Bamford.
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Frank DeBoever
22-05-2018, 13:46:33
22-05-2018, 13:46:33
US and Israel are gangster!

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