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EPIC PLEASURE, Exists all around us

Exists all around us.
Even the bees are making love
With the flowers
Creating the sweetness
Of the oozing, sensuous gold nectar
We call honey.
You are quite literally
By bliss.
You can't even hide from it
unless you squeeze your eyes tight
and pretend it doesn't exist.
And cup your hands over your ears
Yelling "LaLaLaLa I can't hear you!"
(Which is what we all often do)
Yet it IS still everywhere.
It is the soft grass underfoot
The crash of the waves
The hummmmm of insects
The laughter of dear ones
The swing of the hips
The jiggle of the butt
The surrender to the snuggle
The exhale of relief
The tapestry of stars at night.
It is all embracing,
The way the water instantly
Enfolds you into her
When you dive in.
All over every inch of you.
Always there.
Holding you,
Rocking you,
Loving you.
Never failing to present itself
In any moment that
You open yourself
To feel it.
To welcome it.
To allow it in.
It says:
Thank you.
You're alive!
I'm here,
You're here.
Let's do this.
Wanna bring more pleasure and bliss into your world this year? Well, you totally can!
(There are a bajillion ways to do that)
But in case it's potentially useful for you, I just opened my books for 1:1 Bliss Activation Sessions:
(Image source - found it floating in the tumblr vortex with no credit attached)

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