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Byron Bay/Northern Rivers opportunity

Byron Bay/Northern Rivers opportunity...
I have 3 spaces for PRIVATE Speaker Coaching/performance coaching sessions on the 13th/14th or 15th available.
Being a present, empowered and honest speaker gives you the capacity to change lives, inspire people and grow your business immensely.
If you want to master your public voice, let yourself be seen and dramatically shift how people respond to you on stage and on videos then private message me for details.
I am only in the area for a few days so there is a limited number of spots.
These sessions are transformative and we work on the core issues behind your stage presence. This is NOT techniques on how to look confident, this is process and enquiry in how to be fully yourself no matter how many people are watching.
Private Message me for details and tag those who might be interested.
(photo by Brendan Bonsack)

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