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Sapa 2 day tours

 Located on the far north pole, but it seems that Sapa always makes people unforgettable. So they new together with the vu vu on the road windswept winds, looking in the floor of the vast air around the nose, and heard somewhere singing the skin of her young women distant. As some people think Sapa is the muse of the Northwest and the love of thousands of travelers long distance. Come to Sapa, we are not only fascinated by the picturesque natural landscape, to Sapa, we also go from surprise to surprise to discover the beauty of the indigenous people. Sapa rustic but not endless love, Sapa makes people do not want to return.
Sapa is Vietnam's most famous trekking destination
Sapa is Vietnam's most famous trekking destination
Sapa is a famous resort, in Sapa district, Lao Cai province. The name Sapa is derived from Mandarin, previously pronounced locally as Sa Pa or SaPa meaning "sand beach". The name is formed by the old town of Sapa is a sandy beach that people or markets. Later, when the French began to measure and map the mountains in the North, the fresh and beautiful landscape of Sapa in the eye, they decided to turn this place into a resort and resort. The name Sapa - the Western pronunciation of the Westerners survive to this day.
Do not know where to start, Sapa has long been inhabited by ethnic minorities in the north. Coming to Sapa, you will encounter a community of ethnic people: H'Mong, Dao Red, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho. Each ethnic group has its own unique cultural trait, passed on from ancient ancestors and combined these cultures to create a unique identity for this highland, and make many people go far beyond exploring.
Ai to Sapa also brought a love, in the footsteps of people with remote villages. There, we meet the indigenous people, gentle, the people around the year selling face to sell land back to heaven, but their face is still radiant happiness. It seems that daily hard life does not make people cringe, they are like the trees of the thousands, is nourished by the living plastic produced from the majestic nature, so strong, so steady like , not anxiety.
So, sometimes to Sapa on the cold days, on the cliffs on the cliffs, we can still catch the shadow of the people walking calmly. Or sometimes in the sunny days of the summer, on the fields and the water, and also those faces, rejoicing when the new season bumper, the image of those workers makes a point full of poetry. for poetry painting Northwest.
But maybe, to Sapa, we can not forget the image of the innocent baby smile. The children with the face dim but innocent to be strange. They were joking around on the sunny porch, chasing each other on the trails around the table and happily carrying the books on their shoulders to school. The children stand looking forward to their parents on the field to come back to the afternoon and then radiate a radiant look when the distance away from the familiar.
Everyday life hardly sad on the eyes of the children, on those faces, we always have the smile to warm, warm the whole heart and filled with the dream of poetry. But you are also very dear, try to familiarize them, they will not hesitate to take you to visit everywhere, tell the story